Tailor-made Panda Tour

Customized programs are available for a certain number of participants and in certain months. And these programs should be ordered 30 days ahead.

Program A: Getting to Know Giant Panda (1Day)

Code: PV-A

  • (09:00-09:20) Arrival at Dujiangyan Base and preparation (icebreaking, Health and Safety notes, getting outfits, and personal belongings storage.)
  • (09:20-10:50) Moving bamboos to giant panda enclosures under the guidance of staff, while listening to knowledge about the giant panda and the base.
  • (10:50-11:30) Collecting feces and food wastes of giant panda under the guidance of staff and moving to designated places.
  • (11:30-11:45) Getting changed and rest.
  • (11:45-13:00) Lunch break (featured giant panda lunch)
  • (13:00-14:00) Nutritionist course for giant panda: making “Wowotou” (only for an experience not to feed)
  • (14:00-15:00) Science course: fun basics about the giant panda.
  • (15:00-16:00) Touring around the base led by guides and having the end-of-day quiz.
  • (16:00-16:30) Wrap-up and exchange; getting panda souvenirs.
  • (By 17:00) Leaving


Program B: Panda Raising Basics (1Day)

Code: PV-B

  • (08:30-09:00) Arrival, icebreaking, instructions and preparation.
  • (09:00-11:00) Panda keeper experience: cleaning enclosures, disinfecting, bamboo feeding. Learning about panda raising.
  • (11:00-11:30) Making wowotou (steamed cornbread), carrots and apple. Learning about panda food.
  • (11:30-11:45) Getting changed and rest.
  • (11:45-13:00) Lunch and communication with panda keepers.
  • (13:00-14:00) Watching panda documentary, learning about panda protection (scientific feeding).
  • (14:00-15:00) Science course: panda raising.
  • (15:00-16:00) Making toys for giant pandas, used for enriching panda daily life.


Program C: Panda Feces Papermaking (1Day)

Code: PV-C

  • (09:00-09:15) Gathering, instructions and preparation
  • (09:15-10:45) Moving bamboo, cleaning enclosures, and collecting panda feces.
    Learning about panda habits.
  • (10:45-11:15) Carrying panda feces to water-logged compost.
  • (11:15-12:00) Scientific analysis of Giant panda feces
  • (12:00-13:00) Lunch and communication with panda keepers.
  • (13:00-14:00) Traditional papermaking introduction, learning about the first three steps.
  • (14:00-15:00) Experiencing panda feces papermaking, learning about the last three
    steps to panda paper product
  • (15:00-16:00) Painting about giant panda
  • (16:00-16:30) Wrap-up and sharing; giant panda souvenirs
  • (By 17:00) Leaving


Program D: Giant Panda Breeding (1Day, breeding months only)

Code: PV-D

  • (09:00-09:15) Gathering, instructions, and preparation
  • (09:15-09:55)Visiting giant panda science center, learning about how panda doctors rescue and treat giant pandas in wounds or illness.
  • (09:55-10:30)Observing new-born baby pandas: Within one month, Jul. to Aug.; Three months, Oct. to Dec.; Eight to ten months, Mar. to Apr.
  • (10:30-12:00 )Science course: giant panda artificial breeding
  • (12:00-13:00 )Lunch and rest
  • (13:00-14:00)Watching panda documentary, learning about panda protection (scientific breeding)
  • (14:00-15:30)50 days full record of newborn baby pandas, observing giant panda habits.
  • (15:30-16:00 )Experiencing giant panda incubators; photo group
  • (16:00-16:30) Wrap-up and sharing; giant panda souvenirs
  • (By17:00) Leaving


Program E: Giant Panda Ecological Tea Garden Trip (1Day,Mar.- Oct.)

Code: PV-E

  • (09:00-09:15) Gathering, instructions, and preparation
  • (09:15-10:45)Visiting tea garden, picking tea leaves, and learning about giant panda tea
  • (10:45-11:00) Natural airing of tea leaves
  • (11:10-11:40) Tea culture course, learning about hand-making tea
  • (13:00-14:00 )Lunch and rest
  • (14:00-15:00) Watching tea leaves frying
  • (15:00-15:40) Watching tea drinks making
  • (15:40-16:00 )Tasting tea drinks
  • (16:00-16:30 )Watching copper pot performance and mask changing show
  • (By 17:00 )Leaving


Program F: Giant Panda Returning to Wild (1Day, Hongkou Reserve in Dujiangyan)

Code: PV-F

  • (07:30-09:30) On the way to Hongkou Reserve
  • (09:30-10:30) Visiting Longchi Preservation Station, learning about ecological diversity in Hongkou reserve
  • (10:30-11:30) Deep into preservation station, visiting giant panda returning reserve, cleaning garbage.
  • (11:30-14:00)Forest patrolling; science course: returning giant pandas to the wild
  • (14:00-15:30) Visiting Hongkou Botanical Garden
  • (15:30-17:30) On the way back, wrap-up and sharing; panda souvenirs.


Program G: Giant Panda Habitation and Species Diversity (1Day, Dengsheng Reserve in Wolong)

Code: PV-G

  • (07:30-09:00)On the way to Dengsheng Reserve in Wolong, gathering at Wolong Earthquake Museum
  • (09:00-10:00)Visiting Wolong Museum( learning about animals and plants, landscape, habitation, predators and companion animals in the reserve)
  • (10:00-11:00 )Arriving at Dengsheng preservation station
  • (11:00-14:00)Forest patrolling, learning about wild habitation for giant panda; installing infrared cameras with scientists, learning about animals and plants on the way. (picnic lunch)
  • (14:00-15:30 )On the way to Yingxiu
  • (15:30-17:30) Visiting Yingxiu earthquake relics
  • (By 17:30)Leaving

Program H: Camping Trip (1D1N, with F/G Program)

Code: PV-G

  • By 16:00 Plants picking in the field
  • 16:00-18:00 Arriving at camping destination and preparation
  • 18:00-20:00 Dinner
  • 20:00-22:00Entering camping zone, watching stars and fireflies; communicating with scientists, foot herb bath
  • 22:00-07:00 Rest
  • 07:00-08:30 Getting up and breakfast
  • 08:30-09:00 Arriving at Shenshuping Base
  • 09:00-11:00 Visiting giant panda museum at Shenshuping Base
  • 11:00 Leaving