Bifengxia Base of China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda

Ya’an Bifengxia Base of China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda is located in Bifengxia scenic spot, Ya’an, Sichuan Province, which is 150 km from Chengdu and 19 km from Ya’an city with an area of 0.7 km². It is a comprehensive giant panda ecological park to work for giant panda feeding, breeding, rescue, and public education. There are more than 40 giant panda enclosures, living more than 50 pandas. white panda area, giant panda kindergarten and returned overseas panda area are open to the public.

Bifengxia panda base park is divided into six functional areas: feeding area, breeding area, scientific research area, office area, a bamboo base, and living area. Bifengxia panda base includes the front and rear areas, built with more than 20 laboratories and places including giant panda breeding ground, giant panda kindergarten, giant panda hospital, and giant panda research institute. There are six or seven species of bamboos that giant pandas like. The panda stockyard is 10 times larger than the Wolong panda base with mountains, forests, bamboos, and rivers surrounded.

Bifengxia giant panda breeding base is a comprehensive development project integrating tourism, scientific research, and giant panda breeding. After completion, the giant panda’s breeding and research are made to protect the world’s endangered rare species of giant pandas, so that this precious species can reproduce and survive. At the same time, it can also form a complete tourism whole with Bifengxia scenic spot, a national AAAA scenic spot, to drive the development of Ya’an tourism, and promote the protection and publicity of giant pandas through tourism.