China has been encouraging international exchange through giant panda culture, joint efforts in research and protection. Public visitors from the world are welcome to giant panda bases for a better and more scientific knowledge of the giant panda.

Welcome to CCRCGP Tourism Studies Program

Since established in 2013 as a department under State Forestry Bureau, CCRCGP has been the authority for researching, conserving and protecting giant panda, while expanding communication between China and abroad, and acting as a platform of giant panda culture and education.

It is the only globally recognized giant panda conservation organization, and responsible for all panda volunteering activities.

Why join the panda tour?

Customized services

Customized plans to choose, various volunteer activities with pandas

24/7 support

Ensured security, equipped with 24-hour emergency contact and a local support team


CCRCGP is the only globally recognized giant panda conservation organization.

Experienced Organizer

Years experience of organizing panda volunteer activities, receive more than 20,000 people

You’ll also get:

✔️Fulfilling volunteering experience at panda hometown

✔️Interesting science classes given by giant panda experts

✔️Meeting and working with friends from across the world

✔️Access to 3 largest giant panda conservation areas in China, to know the giant panda on site

✔️Authorized course certificate

✔️Services and courses in English and number of lecturers-volunteers in 1:10

✔️Comfortable accommodation and sufficient meeting rooms for group discussion

It's time to be a panda volunteer!

With around 2,300 wild pandas left in the world, the world of “Black and White” is disappearing, and people all over the world have been committing themselves to panda protection and breeding. We hope that the endangered giant pandas can survive and avoid extinction.

At the same time, more and more people are joining the panda tour to help protect these beautiful animals, and volunteer to take care of them.

During this trip, you can hike into the environmental panda nature reserve, and understand the close relationship between environmental protection and human beings.

  • Learn the knowledge and history of pandas
  • Get closer to giant pandas, have intimate contact with them, a rare experience few people can have.
  • Participate in the conservation of giant pandas, and understand the hard work of panda protection.
  • Take beautiful photos of cute giant pandas and yourself with them
  • Enjoy a Sichuan feast, and work happily accompanied by delicious food.
  • Have a special experience and a meaningful vacation.
  • Get your own international volunteer certificate to add to your resume.