About us

PandaVolunteer is initiated by Chengdu Yeetour Culture, to promote and organize CCRCGP giant panda volunteering programs. Since the year of 2015, volunteers from all over the world have participated the panda volunteering programs in Sichuan, China. We are strategic partners with CCRCGP, which is the only authority in China for giant panda protection and research. We aim to bring giant panda culture to more and everyone.

With diverse research and volunteer activities, we will provide you the best experience of being a panda volunteer. CCRCGP has 5 years of experience in organizing volunteer research and study of giant pandas and has long-term cooperation strategies in 3 panda bases. The main purpose of this program is to care about and support the conservation and environmental protection of giant pandas, providing opportunities for domestic and international giant panda lovers to experience the feeding, management, breeding, rescue and scientific research of giant pandas.

Why we are different

We are committed to building meaningful volunteering activities for panda fans. Today, we keep on working eagerly to make this program abroad and offer worldwide panda fans opportunities to contribute and help.

Complete Service System

We are committed to providing better service, including food, shelter, transportation, and safety so that volunteers can learn more about the culture related to pandas while experiencing volunteer work.

Customized Plans

Volunteers may come from different countries and form different organizations to participate in volunteer research and study activities. Volunteers can choose the relevant panda base according to their preferences or goals and have optional arrangements for related procedures.

Meaningful Volunteer Work

Your work includes panda feeding, food preparation, cleaning of panda enclosures, etc. Besides, you can participate in the everyday project, and assist panda keepers to carry out the related daily panda conservation work, contributing to the protection of giant panda.

Emergency Protection

We will provide volunteers with a series of high-quality services, equipped with 24-hour emergency contact, as well as a local senior team for whole-course emergency protection. We also have several emergency plans to ensure the smooth development of volunteer research and study activities without any safety problems.

Good Feedback

All volunteers who have participated in volunteer research and study all speak highly of this program. The whole process of the activity is accompanied by staff, who can communicate in real-time and arrange relevant volunteer research activities according to different groups.

Chinese Culture Experience

Besides the standard programs on giant panda volunteering, you’ll also have the chance to participate into other typical Chinese cultural activities: Chinese language lessons, Tai Chi, traditional papermaking, Chinese calligraphy, traditional movable-type printing, Kungfu, and Majiang. One stop for immersive Chinese culture experience.