Why am I paying a participation fee?

Hosting the panda volunteer program is such a vast network comes with a wide range of expenses. The participation fees are invested in these initiatives in the form of housing and food for volunteers, and also to train, supervise, and ensure the successful execution of the project. It is important to state that these participation fees, as well as your physical participation, go a long way in ensuring the continuity of this project.

Why am I paying a deposit?

When you pay a deposit, you have secured a spot on the volunteer project for the dates you have chosen. This allows you to continue with the application process. However, if your admission is not successful in the end, rest assured of a 100% refund of your deposit. It is essential to state any deposit made will be deducted from the project’s total cost.

To get a full refund, you are expected to initiate a cancellation of your registration within seven days of depositing by writing to us following the guidelines stated in Terms and Conditions.

If I am volunteering alongside my friends and family, is a group discount applicable?

Yes, we offer discounts to groups and families of 6 or more volunteers. To enjoy this discount, kindly reach out to our representatives and choose from the various options.

How early do I have to apply?

We usually advise intending volunteers to apply not later than 2 months before the traveling date.  An early application ensures that you get a space on the trip while increasing your chances of registering successfully before all the slots are picked up. If you wish to travel earlier than 2 months, you can still proceed with your application. In most cases, we will accommodate such applications, provided we have free slots on the project.

How does your cancellation policy work?

You will get a full refund of your deposit if you initiate a cancellation within seven days of making a deposit. What you get as the remaining balance of the participation depends on how many days you have before the arrival date slated for the program.

Therefore, 61+ days warrant the forfeiture of the deposit sum. Likewise, 60-31 days warrant the forfeiture of 50% of the value of the deal or the deposit sum; usually, the higher of the two values will be adopted. Lastly, 0-30 days or no show attracts the forfeiture of 100% of the value of the deal.

As seen above, we have adopted a reducing scale of refunds so that these committed volunteers can be referred to our collaborators, and hence ensure a professional working relationship. In the case of cancellations, rest assured of our efforts to work out a replacement volunteer who will carry out your placement. Note that the shorter the notice, the higher the expenses and stress involved in finding a replacement.

Finally, in a situation where the start date of your placement has been changed, we will calculate the cancellation fees according to the initial start date of your placement.

When is the ideal time to make flight bookings?

Only book your flights when you have gotten your confirmation email.  It is advisable not to book beforehand.

Is there a provision for traveling and exploring the culture of the country during the program?

Of course, we make plans and preparations to allow our volunteers to mix with locals and learn about the culture and other aspects of the country they have traveled to.  We help our volunteers to explore their surroundings by designing and adopting flexible schedules that create ample time for these.

Likewise, our on-site coordinators are always on the ground to help you to effectively plan short trips if you decide to embark on one during the project.