Meet our team

Behind every program is a team of compassionate, excited experts and leaders
who integrate their passion with work.

Kuan Wei
Founder and Director for Operations

Kuan is the founder and Director for Operations in YeeTour. He manages the company and also local coordination for giant panda programs. He spent his four years with giant pandas as a volunteer himself and has organized all kinds of volunteering programs related to giant pandas.

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Ruby Yang
Co-founder and Director for Global Business

Ruby looks after businesses outside China. She will be the contact point for all inquiries and businesses from overseas market. Ruby participated into multiple volunteering programs both in university and at spare time after graduation. She has worked for MNC over the last eight years and followed the inner passion for giant pandas and volunteering work into this YeeTour.

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Aiden Yang
Co-founder and Director for Product Design

Aiden is responsible for product design in YeeTour. He graduated from Chengdu University of Information Technology, just near to one of the three Giant Panda Bases in Sichuan. Aiden loves traveling and as a fan of animals and nature, he is dedicated to going on the path of protecting rare animals and plants.

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