Get in touch with us for the best panda volunteering tour. We ensure you will have an amazing experience and memorable journey. Enjoy the experience of Being a Panda Volunteer!


  • Food: best local food such as Sichuan cuisines and hotpot, as well as western food on request.
  • Accommodation: panda homestays with nice environment with effective costs.
    Transportation: coaches and vans for large or small groups arranged.
  • Transportation: coaches and vans for large or small groups arranged.
  • Close-by visitor attractions: Dujiangyan, Mount Qingcheng, Sanxingdui Museum, Sichuan Cuisine Museum, Chengdu city, etc.
  • Guides: Experienced local guides working in CCRCGP

Chinese Language Lesson

There are about 1.3 billion native speakers of Chinese. Knowing some basic Chinese will make your travel in China more convenient. You will learn to write some of the most commonly used characters under the guidance of the teacher.

Panda Volunteer Uniforms

We will prepare our customized uniforms for panda volunteers so that they can integrate into the big family and feel the warmth of the big family from all over the world.

Verified Volunteer Certificate

At the end of the activity, we will grant the volunteers with a high value authoritative international volunteer learning certificate, which will enrich their life experience and resume.

Panda Theme Hotel

The platform provides self-owned accommodation and vehicles as well as related activity supplies. The accommodation is built according to the panda park, allowing volunteers to experience truly panda theme.

Kung fu Class

Learn Taijiquan from local teachers. Tai Chi comes from the most traditional Yin and Yang principles of Confucianism and Taoism. As a slow-and-light-motion but hard-core Chinese boxing, it coordinates the inner spirit lifting and physical body strengthening together.

Buddhism & Taoism

During this trip, you will learn about the two most important religious cultures in China, Taoism, and Buddhism. You will also experience a variety of Sichuan cuisine and have the opportunity to learn how to cook and appreciate China’s regional characteristics and customs.