Safety Guarantee

  1. From the beginning of registration, the staff will provide a one-to-one consultation service and answer all questions to ensure that each participant is prepared before departure.
  2. We will adhere to the self-owned high-quality projects, comprehensive early investigation and careful project design, to provide the maximum safety.
  3. Before registration, the staff will answer the questions about the project in detail online. After the registration, the staff will follow up the whole process and answer questions about air tickets and flights, certificate handling, project arrangement, and free-travel route strategy. During the project, staff will keep in constant contact with volunteers.
  4. The accommodation which is not only clean and comfortable but also safe and convenient will be chosen, so that volunteers can have a better rest or arrange a free time to visit.
  5. WeChat group will be set up for volunteers with the same starting time and same project location before traveling, which is convenient for them to get to know each other and get familiar with each other in advance.
  6. Upon arrival at the airport, local staff will pick up the volunteers and send them to the accommodation camp to settle down.
  7. Local staff will accompany the volunteers to complete the work, assist when necessary, and coordinate project activities.
  8. Before the project starts, the staff will organize corresponding guidance and pre-job training to help the volunteers make full preparations for the journey to the greatest extent, to improve the project experience and the quality of volunteer work.
  9. During the working hours of the project, volunteers should follow the overall arrangement and take collective actions. When you travel during free time or on weekends, it is necessary to report to the organization in time and have basic travel safety awareness.